Results of PGEE 2017




M. A. Ancient History & Archaeology

M. Sc. Applied Zoology

M. Sc. Mathematics

M. A. Anthropology

M. Sc. Applied-Geology (Non cognate)

M. Sc. Anthropology

M. A. Women's Studies

M. Sc. Psychology

M. Sc. Food Science & Nutrition

M. Sc. Polymer Science

M. A. Public Administration

M. Tech in Urban and Regional Planning

M. A. Political Science

M. Sc. Sugar Technology

M. Sc. Genetics




M. A. Economics 

M. Sc. Physics

M. A. Christianity

M. A. English

M. Sc. Biotechnology

M. Sc. Electronics

M. Sc. Geographical Information System

M. A. West Asian Studies

M. Sc. Microbiology

MBA (Agri-Business Management)

M. A. Music

M. A. Sanskrit

M. Sc. Environmental Science

M. A. Hindi

M. Physical Education




M. Sc. Botany

M. A. Kannada

M. Sc Tech in Computer Science

M. Sc. Geography

M. A. Dance

M. A. South Indian Studies

M. Sc. Criminology & Forensic Science

M. A. Peace and Conflict Resolution

  M. A. Rural Development

M.Sc Molecular Biology

International Relations

M. A. Linguistcs

M. A. Communication and Journalism

M. A. Philosophy

M. Sc. Biochemistry

M. Sc. Human Development




M.Sc. Zoology

M. Sc. IT

M. A. History

Comparative literature

M. Sc. Statistics

M. S. Animation

M. A. Cooperative Mangement

M. Sc. Organic Chemistry

M. Sc. Cyber Security

M. A. Development Studies

Law (LLM)

Social Work (M.S.W)

M. Sc. Geology/Applied Geology (Cognate)




M. A. Jainology and Prakrit

M. Education

M. Sc. Sericulture and Seri biotechnology

M. Com. and MFM 

M. L. I. Sc.

M. A. Urdu

M. A. Folklore

M. Tech. Materials Science

M. A. Sociology 

M. Sc. Chemistry